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The Open-Growth House is a modular low-cost housing designed for the emerging lower-middle class in Ghana.


The design is easily extendable for a growing family size due to its modular approach. The basic V1 Unit is suitable for a family consisting out of two adults with two children. The basic V1 unit costs 21,700 GHS, which makes it affordable for the lower-middle class. When the family grows, the unit can be expanded with another mirrored ground floor unit or with an elevated unit. Whereas timber and thatch are important materials in the design, the use of these materials provides employment to the local forestry and timber industry. The simple 6 x 6 meters load bearing structure of scaffolding tubes makes it easy to build without heavy machinery. The building envelope consists of 2400 x 600 m panels, which are easily demountable from the load bearing structure. Furthermore the design concept includes semi-autonomous and environmentally friendly utility services. The used technologies are rainwater harvesting, ecological sanitation and on-site waste water treatment. A rotatable solar array is installed, which makes the family

self-sufficient with respect to their electricity needs.